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(Wrightia tinctoria + Alovera + Azadirachta indica + Centella asiatica) An ideal and safe combination to strengthen and promote the skin health. Helpful to prevent Psoriatic lesion and clear plaques. Comprehensive and natural topical formulation for the management of psoriasis. Presentation : Available in 50 gm Lami tube.

Phytex cough syrup

(Vitex negundo + Mentha arvensis) Controls the frequency of cough. Provides relief from respiratory congestion and broncho spasm. Very much palatable and liked by all. Useful in productive and non-productive cough.   Presentation: Available in 100 ml PET bottle.

PROTHY capsules

Thyroid  Regulator Nigella sativa, Commiphora mukul and Withania somnifera Promotes Thyroid health Improves Thyroid function Reduces TSH and increases T3 significantly Increases Iodine and Oxygen uptake. However the Healthcare providers can use this product for any condition they consider appropriate. Presentation: Box containing 15 strips of 10 caps each.

Probol Powder

Natural poultry Food supplement for Health and Weight Extracts of: P.amarus, T.chebula, T.bellerica and P.emblica Enhances Cellular and Humoral immunity Prevents infections and mortality Significantly increases Antibody against Newcastle Virus Reduce Antibiotic usage Ensures a Healthy weight gain Naturally. Presentation: Available in 5 kg Polybag.

Centiforte Intra Mammary Infusion

Natural way to resolve Mastitis. Extracts of : Centella asiatica and Azadirachta indica Has Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-viral and effective against many other common microbial infections. Effective TNF Alpha inhibitor and offers potent Anti-inflammatory effect Very good Immune modulator Resolves Mastitis effectively and naturally. All Natural and Very safe. Presentation: Available in 15 gms pre-loaded intra […]

Gutprim Syrup

Safe Anti diarrhoeal Syrup for calves and small animals Extracts of: Woodfordia fruticosa, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Holorrhena antidysentrica, Curcuma longa and Berberis aristata. Arrests Calf diarrhoea and fluid loss Effective Anti inflammatory Improves Immunity and effective anti-infective Effectively relieves stress and enhances recovery Restore Intestinal wall fine structure Presentation : Available in 100 ml PET bottle […]

Rumen O

Feed Additive to improve Milk Production Phyllanthus Niruri, Terminalia chebula, Cissus quadrangularis and Rice bran .Increases the milk production of the milking animals (Ruminants) Improves Liver function, Metabolism and therefore prevents Negative energy balance. Improves Rumen health and increases. Presentation : Available in 20 Kg Polybag.

Hepaphyte Syrup

Time tested Hepato Protective syrup Extract from Phyllanthus niruri/Amarus Strengthens Liver cells and improves Liver function. Improves Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat metabolism. Improves digestion and appetite. Also helpful in Hepatomegaly, Fatty infiltration and sluggish liver. This product can be used in many other related conditions by a Qualified Veterinary Physician. Presentation : Available in 200 ml. (PET) […]

Centiforte Cream / Dusting Powder

Antifungal Cream Neem and Total Triterpenic Fractions of Centella asiatica A natural Antifungal combined with Healing accelerator. Effective in majority of Dermatophyte infections. Effective Anti inflammatory and provides faster relief in Pruritis and Erythema. Also effective in Eczema This product can be used in many other related conditions by a Qualified Veterinary Physician Presentation: Centiforte […]

Centis Cream / Tablets

The Healing Accelerator Total Triterpenic fractions of Centella asiatica Enhances healing in Cuts, Burns and Deep wounds. Causes faster granulation and wound closure. Helpful in Chronic and  Non-healing wounds also. This product can be used in many other related conditions by a Qualified Veterinary Physician Presentation: Available in 30 gm in Lami tube and 60 […]