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Is a post-graduate from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (India) with an advanced course on Environmental Management from University of Bradford (UK). He has won many scholarships and awards from the Ministry of Health (India), the Ministry of Environment and Forests (India), British government (Chevening Scholarship), University of British Columbia (Canada), and others. He has held very senior management positions such as Adviser to Aga Khan Foundation (India) and as independent consultant to national and international organizations for more than 20 years. He was a member of many Ministerial level policy Committees and has helped set up research and networking units in India. He has been actively involved in several governmental and non-governmental organisations and committees in India and abroad, such as the Committee set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (India) for National JFM Scheme, Commonwealth Forestry Association (Oxford, UK), Socio-economic Extension Working Group of FORREX (Vancouver, Canada), etc. He has presented and published quite a few papers in management, forestry and environment in International conferences. He has travelled widely in several foreign countries.

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